trade winds

trade winds: a collaborative music
creation project. participants
each add layers to an original
‘seed’ track. the seed track is a
basic idea for a song that is then
shared with the participants
electronically. as layers are
recorded, they are added to the
seed track, and the song begins to
take shape. eventually, when the
time is right, the layer adding
process stops, and the final song
is released here… enjoy.

  • a wholly unreliable and subjective verdict

    wow. no excuses. long time since the last release of a tradewinds track. as our lives all get busier, it gets trickier and trickier to set aside time for these little, experimental projects. but wow…. they are fun to make. this latest track is a collaboration between max floatation and myself, first started nearly a year ago. i love the vocals on this track – you just have to listen to see what i mean. we’re pretty happy with the final version of this track, especially considering that it bounced back and forth through cyberspace a total of six times during its making.

    we hope that you enjoy.


  • new beginnings

    here’s a new tradewinds track created by max floatation, chez
    jonesy, and new tradewinds artist, ‘the time being’. this track
    started with a solid drum track, and built up from there into a
    really interesting piece of music. i’m always amazed at how the
    process works, and at the side-winder like path a track takes
    along it’s way to completion. the wide range of instruments makes
    this final product especially intersting to me.

    make more music.


  • that can’t have been a good thing

    this track started out with nothing more than a beat for a seed
    track from max. and a nice beat, at that. from there, all hell
    broke loose. you’ll hear a wide array of electric guitars, synths,
    blips, blops, and samples in this one. we had four (4)
    participants in on this one: max, his brother lars, myself, and
    the newest member of the trade winds project, emoil (mayor of
    boomcity). check out his town site here. the result of this
    collaboration is, i think, the best example of how to assemble
    songs over the net. great diversity of ideas and instruments, and
    an interesting and enjoyable final product. take a wisten…


  • patchwork

    after nearly a year without a new ‘tradewinds’ track, i’m pleased
    to announce that the project is back on the wagon with another
    offering. max floatation and i have been noodling with this one
    for the last few months, and we finally feel like we have the mix
    about the way we like it. it’s the same old story with these
    things… how much tinkering can you put into it before you say
    “ok, that’s enough. let’s stop there?”

    please have a listen. all in all, we’re both excited about the
    track, and would love to know if you like it.

    keep making music.


  • i have a hard time accounting for the rest

    here’s another installment in the trade winds project. this time,
    three participants. max floatation, his brother lars, and myself.
    this time again, it started with a great guitar lick that max laid
    down (heard in the intro). lars then jumped in with a FANTASTIC
    beat. a few synth layers, an ebow guitar layer, a rolling bass,
    and even a vocoder round out the rest of this track. take a
    listen… it sounds really cool.


  • so many pretty little things

    this is the first ‘trade winds’ track of all. collaborators on
    this song were max floatation and myself. the track started out
    with a nice guitar riff that max had recorded. from there, some
    more guitars, synths, and even a piano were added. there were
    about five back-and-forths on this one, and the final result is a
    pretty little thing. max recorded from victoria, and i recorded
    from vancouver. truly a long distance affair. hope you like.