britney cover

this always makes me laugh. max and i recorded this on yew street back in 2002 or so.


  1. This really takes me back to a time when famous artists were stealing our songs and we had to do something about it. I think Brittany was quite pleased with how this turned out, if I remember 2002 at all correctly, and there was consideration to use this on the greatest hits album. I think at the last minute there were legal complications and concern that this would have put the spotlight on the latest ChezJonesy release at the expense of more significant artists on the label at the time. In the end the whole Moon Tunes staff were on board with us pulling the project and making it into a small corner of the internet to avoid, as the fat controller would say, confusion and delay.

  2. This was a crazy year for the whole Moon Tunes crew, we were getting bombarded with requests to headline festivals all over the world and it was tough to let them down easy. At that time the Moon Tunes project was still in it’s infancy but blowing up like an overheated SoufflĂ©. I mean, what were we to do? Here we two absolute gentlemen who were becoming darlings of the industry over night and the oven was set to high. Things could not last and something had to give.

  3. I was a big fan of these two gentlemen from the start. Way back at Yew street when they were just coming up in the early 00’ze I remember this record exec telling me about walking past this house and hearing the most magical sounds he’s ever heard. I had to hear it for myself, so I flew up there and hid under the porch this one evening with about twelve other people. We watched can after can sail out the door as they worked themselves into some kind of Jam Trance… That was the first time in my life I truly cried in joy. I will never forget that night.

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