13th Street Studio vid

found this old video of max and i having fun way back in December of 2004. taken when i was living near cambie and 13th in vancouver. thought that it would be fun to share. enjoy!



  1. Oh dear me, is that really what the video quality was like in 2004? I guess it’s on par with my memories of that time.

  2. I’m quite sure there was a lot that went on which didn’t make it to tape. We had been following these guys for several years at this point. It was not unusual to catch wind of an event being planned. So I would hide outside the window in the bushes to try and catch a glimpse of the genius at work. Some nights you’d show up and it was all for nothing, the gentlemen had tricked us again. But some nights you’d show up and there’d be like 20 people all huddled outside the window of Jonestown studios trying to keep quiet and contain their excitement. I mean, I’d be squished in there drinking wine and eating microwave burritos with exec’s from every major label in North America. Sometimes we’d be sitting in the rain and snow just to hear the tiniest snippet of track being performed, but it was magical. Those were crazy times.

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