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east van jam with max, jacko, and Johnny

here’s a nice recording jam from November 26th, of 2010. features max floatation, johnny bitze, and mike jackson along with yours truly. max on the drums if i’m not mistaken. and yes, that’s a real harmonica jacko is playing. has a spacy vibe, with a lot of nice textures in this nearly ten minute long recording. enjoy chez

13th Street Studio vid

found this old video of max and i having fun way back in December of 2004. taken when i was living near cambie and 13th in vancouver. thought that it would be fun to share. enjoy! chez https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIbDdOsJ-ec&feature=youtu.be

Oct 10th, 2005 jam session

one more moon tune for you here. this one was recorded back in april of 2005 by moon tunes regular Max Floatation and myself. starts off a little obscure, as many do, then transitions into a solid set of beats. it was fun making it… have fun listening. chez

Daryl, max, and chez

i can’t believe that it’s been over nearly a year since our last moontunes jam. time really flies. we had a fantastic session to make up for it. d-rock, max floatation and yours truly had a multi hour session loaded with fun sounds, childish ramblings, deep ambient meanderings, and a heap of digital blippy blops. harmonicas and mandolins and ebows, oh my. chez Jam # 1 Jam # 2 Jam # 3 Jam # 9

fraser street inauguration

fresh off having his mouth fitted with new braces, max floatation joined the studio for a long overdue innaugural jam at the new jonestown studios location. we were joined by daryl and mike jackson, and recorded a few hours of material that i’m please to share a sample of here. you’ll hear lot’s of variety from track to track, which is still one of my favorite things about the moon tunes environment. we hope that you like listening chez Jam # 1 Jam # 3 Jam # 4 Below the Belt Jam # 5 At the Jam Factory Jam # 6 Hick Hop Jam # 9 Rumpled Like Stilskin

east van basement

this is a rare occaision that we recorded a moon tune session outsideof jonestown. the gracious host of this fun afternoon was daryl, moon tune regular and music gear guru. live drum kit, synths, guitars, and bass round out these two soundscapes. have a listen! chez Jam # 1 Jam #2

cookies and jam

max floatation made the trek to vancouver this weekend with the express purpose of gracing jonestown studios with his presence. the jam was the first with the new multi-track fire wire mixer that we’ve tried, and we are happy to report that everything worked beautifully (from the technical point of view, at least). the jams were, as always, full of good variety and fun. there was some nice e-bowing that made it’s way in as well. i’ve included a weird conversation between two german sounding artists – not sure what the hell they were talking about, but it’s worth a laugh, i think… keep playing music chez Jam # 1 Jam # 2 Jam # 3 Jam # 4 COOKIE BREAK! Jam # 7

max and chez jam

here’s a collection of jams from a session max and i enjoyed. i feel like i say this every time, but we really had a great time recording these tracks. there’s something very rewarding about being able to put together an improvised soundscape that is not only listenable, but actually quite good in both quality and content (if we may say so ourselves…. music, as we all know, is highly subjective, and the audience ever fickle. but i digress). each of these were done, as were all moon tunes, in one take. have a listen to these marvelous jams and let us know if you like? chez Jam # 1 Jam # 2 Jam # 3 Jam # 4