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  • Goose Bumps and Lady Lumps
    Some spoken word from my dear friend Mike Jackson. Original audio recorded in Tofino, BC back in 2016. Surrounded by great friends and beautiful scenery. When this COVID mess is all done, we need to get back there asap.
  • Old School Mixing Instructional Video

    This video is called The Art of Mixing and is by David Gibson. So much of this is still bang on, and great for students like me. Covers a lot of basics of mixing, but also gets into pretty technical stuff as well!
  • great station on Spotify

    Check out this station on spotify called Mint Canada. Great happy dance vibes.
  • telelife

    created this one back in 2000 when i first started learning how to record. equipment was extremely basic back then. DAW was acid back then. simple, but got the job done and also started me down the path of multi tracking on a pc. seemed very advanced at the time to me! this track is quite long and experimental in nature.

    hope you enjoy


  • east van jam with max, jacko, and Johnny

    here’s a nice recording jam from November 26th, of 2010. features max floatation, johnny bitze, and mike jackson along with yours truly. max on the drums if i’m not mistaken. and yes, that’s a real harmonica jacko is playing. has a spacy vibe, with a lot of nice textures in this nearly ten minute long recording.



  • chez jonesy radio

    Check out the Chez Jonesy radio station on Spotify! click here

  • britney cover

    this always makes me laugh. max and i recorded this on yew street back in 2002 or so.
  • 13th Street Studio vid

    found this old video of max and i having fun way back in December of 2004. taken when i was living near cambie and 13th in vancouver. thought that it would be fun to share. enjoy!

  • random picture post

    yes, i love lego. can’t get enough of these guys.

  • recording space

    fairly recent look at the studio