pre wedding jam session

a great little moon tune session took place at jonestown studios in august (first one in a while… summer was quite busy, what with my wedding and all!). this latest jam included daryl simpson, rosco,
max, and chez in a spirited and varied experience. plenty of interesting forages into the bizarre, with guitars, bass, drum
machines, sunths, harmonicas, more synths, and vocals.

i’ve listened to the jams several times now on my own, and there are some really good musical moments. also on that night, we tried something new at the studio. we had a guest run the video camera during a jam (jam 9 to be specific). i’ve taken the video and synced it up with the audio from the jam, and posted the result below. the video quality has been reduced to a manageable size so that it is more easily downloadable here, but upon request, a high res version can be arranged quite easily.



Here’s a link to the video file for Jam # 9

Jam # 1
Jam # 3
Jam # 6
Jam # 7
Jam # 10
Jam # 14

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