max visiting from Victoria

i’m delighted to announce that max floatation once again broke free from the bonds of victoria for long enough to sit down for a truly epic moon tune session. in total, we recorded seven jams, and i’ve uploaded four of them for your listening pleasure. i’m sure you’ll agree that there is some worthy content here. once again, each of these tracks is un-rehearsed, improvised, and played in a single take. we were quite happy with what we were able to record in just a few hours. it is fair to say that we were both reminded of how much joy can be extracted from playing music. i can’t imagine a life without it. cheers everyone, and contact me if you want to put together a jam some time. Four of the several jams are posted here for your listening enjoyment.


Jam # 1
Jam # 2
Jam # 3
Jam # 7

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