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afternoon, folks. thought i’d post a little note to let you all know that Blips and Ifs has posted a Chez Jonesy track on their site.

Blips and Ifs is an original concept, and provides listeners with “your daily dose of electronic content from the world’s 1st hybrid blog and record label.”

they have posted the track ‘separation anxiety’ from my latest album, ‘Head Under Heels’.  

thanks very much to them for the exposure, and for providing us with free, cutting edge music to listen to in a time when pop music is effing us all up.

keep making music.


just upgraded to Sonar Home Studio version 6XL


Sona Home Studio XLmade the jump this week, and got it installed. it was a breeze, and the nuew plug-ins are a bonus.

it ships with a new version of Session Drummer which is really user friendly, and sounds really nice.

everything runs with a bit more stability, too, which is nice for those of us who hate system crashes.

 ok. that’s enough of my shameless (and un paid) plugging of the product. i like it, and i thought i’d tell you about it.

 make more music.








Britney Spears Cover by Max and Chez

Brit Attacking Car

When Britney heard this cover of Hit Me Baby One More Time, she took it quite literally, and went after my truck. Apparently, she was not as fond of the cover as we were, and took it too personally – frankly, I think she went a little overboard shaving her head over a silly cover song, but that’s just me.

 This track was recorded back on July 19th, 2002 by Max and I at my old house on 6th and Yew with a crappy stick mic sitting on the coffee table, two plywood accoustic guitars, and fueled by more than a few brewskies. The resulting quality may be lacking, but still worth a listen, me thinks.

 Post a comment and let us know what you think…

 Thanks for stopping by.


Went to the Tragically Hip show on Monday at the Commodore…



Wow. Great show. My buddy Stevie hooked us up with vip passes, and we were treated to a great show, after show meet and greets, and a booze fest in Yaletown that would make May West blush. We even got Gord Sinclaire to slap on a Warthogs t-shirt for posterity (that’s my hockey team…). There are more pictures, but these are a good start!




dj shadow – great show

In Montreal

sheepi’ve been in montreal for the last little while on vacation, catching up with old friends and family. i still maintain that montreal is one of the greatest cities in the world, and i’m reminded of this fact each time i return. in one of my tours through the music shops, i picked up dj shadow’s new album – i like, i like. i recommend that you go pick it up if you’re into that sort of thing, ’cause he done good. i’m going ot see him on friday night at the metropolis club here in montreal. i’m hoping that it will be a good show. i’ll let you know.

ps this is a picture of some of my friends back home.

Moon Tunes Update

here’s another update from a great jam session.

check out the moon tunes site and have a listen to the jams we had.

definitely a lot of great sounds, and ton’s of enjoable moments while making them.

there are six of the jams posted on line, and even one video (a moon tunes first) that combines music and footage from the recording session.

rock on.



Telelife – A track from years back

DSCF0005.JPGI’ve been wanting to put this track on-line for a long time, but haven’t had the chance. It’s long been one of my absolute favorites, but I fear that it will never find a home on one of my albums due to it’s long length. But you never know. I remember coming home late at night (or early morning) on many occaissions, lying down on the floor with my head between two speakers, closing my eyes, and listening to the tune start to finish. It’s quite a ride… but don’t take my word for it.


The  song is called Telelife, and is available on mp3 for listening ride here.


PS. a good set of headphones would probably do just as well.



Moon Tunes Update



go check out the moon tunes page (at the bottom for the most recent updates).

there is an update for the march 4, 2006 jam session that took place. there are some interesting noises, as usual, and noboby got hurt.

the good times will likely continue on, and more moon tune updates will follow as i get the tracks readied.

keep the feedback coming, let me know if you want ot jam some time.


so many pretty little things

max floatation and i have been working together on a new project that i thought i’d share with you here.

actually, this is a collaboration between ‘the cheapest option’ and chez. check out the cheapest option stuff on new music canada here.

in any case, the concept is fairly straight forward. one person records a simple one instrument song, and emails it to the other. then that person adds a track and emails it back. back and forth it goes until the song is determined to be done (this is the hard part).

have a listen to the first of what will be many such experimental tracks. it’s called so many pretty little things.

let us know what you think.