Momma Jonesy is getting big!

It’s been a long time since no posts, but that is not to say that nothing has been happening in the Jonestown.

First off, Momma Jonesy is now only 4 weeks away from the due date. You can check out her tummy progression here:

I’m starting to get a little crazy with anticipation.

My buddy Tony painted this picture based on an early ultrasound pic that we had. He is a very talented artist. You can (and should) check out his art here:

Micro Painting


He is very talented, and has done a lot of great work around Vancouver. You can also see a bunch of his recent works on display at The Five Point bar on Main St, corner 16th ave.

Regarding music stuff, I’m please to announce that we have finally settled into our new house, and the studio construction is more or less complete. New room, new sounds. I’m still sorting out a lot of the gear, and getting it set up just right, but for the most part, we’re up and running again in the new and improved Jonestown.

New music is on the way, and new tracks for the latest (fifth) album are in development. Still too early to say when the release will be, but I’ll let you all know.

Take care everyone.