just upgraded to Sonar Home Studio version 6XL


Sona Home Studio XLmade the jump this week, and got it installed. it was a breeze, and the nuew plug-ins are a bonus.

it ships with a new version of Session Drummer which is really user friendly, and sounds really nice.

everything runs with a bit more stability, too, which is nice for those of us who hate system crashes.

 ok. that’s enough of my shameless (and un paid) plugging of the product. i like it, and i thought i’d tell you about it.

 make more music.








Britney Spears Cover by Max and Chez

Brit Attacking Car

When Britney heard this cover of Hit Me Baby One More Time, she took it quite literally, and went after my truck. Apparently, she was not as fond of the cover as we were, and took it too personally – frankly, I think she went a little overboard shaving her head over a silly cover song, but that’s just me.

 This track was recorded back on July 19th, 2002 by Max and I at my old house on 6th and Yew with a crappy stick mic sitting on the coffee table, two plywood accoustic guitars, and fueled by more than a few brewskies. The resulting quality may be lacking, but still worth a listen, me thinks.


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