Moon Tunes vintage track

here’s a track from what seems like eons ago.
four years and a bit, to be more precise.
some really nice sound scapes. do enjoy.

Moon Tunes Track from 2005


Moon Tunes Update

Moon Imagejust a note to let you all know that there is a nice update in the Moon Tunes section (scroll to the bottom). long overdue to get them uploaded, but well worth the wait,  i assure you! there are some really great tracks there.  One set of jams dates back to March of 2007 (two tracks there to listen to), and the other set were recorded at the end of September 2007 (six tracks to listen to).

as with all moon tune jams, these tracks are all in the original, recorded condition, and have not been modified – one take, one song. that’s how it rolls, kids.

enjoy, and tell us what you think!


Britney Spears Cover by Max and Chez

Brit Attacking Car

When Britney heard this cover of Hit Me Baby One More Time, she took it quite literally, and went after my truck. Apparently, she was not as fond of the cover as we were, and took it too personally – frankly, I think she went a little overboard shaving her head over a silly cover song, but that’s just me.

 This track was recorded back on July 19th, 2002 by Max and I at my old house on 6th and Yew with a crappy stick mic sitting on the coffee table, two plywood accoustic guitars, and fueled by more than a few brewskies. The resulting quality may be lacking, but still worth a listen, me thinks.

 Post a comment and let us know what you think…

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Moon Tunes Update

here’s another update from a great jam session.

check out the moon tunes site and have a listen to the jams we had.

definitely a lot of great sounds, and ton’s of enjoable moments while making them.

there are six of the jams posted on line, and even one video (a moon tunes first) that combines music and footage from the recording session.

rock on.



Moon Tunes Update



go check out the moon tunes page (at the bottom for the most recent updates).

there is an update for the march 4, 2006 jam session that took place. there are some interesting noises, as usual, and noboby got hurt.

the good times will likely continue on, and more moon tune updates will follow as i get the tracks readied.

keep the feedback coming, let me know if you want ot jam some time.