Not a Loser

So I was sitting at the dinner table last night with my wife while our 3 year old son Callum ate some dinner (my wife was feeding our 10 month old his dinner).

While we were sitting and chatting, I asked Callum what he did at daycare that day. He is in a group of 24 kids ranging in age from 3 to 5 years old.

After some chit chat about games and activities, he started to talk about the ‘big’ kids in his class. He was referring to the 4 and 5 year old boys. His face went very sad, and he explained to us that the older boys called him a “loser.”

My eyes immediately welled up, and so did my wife’s. 

I didn’t know what to say, so I just gave him a hug.

I don’t even think that Callum knows what “loser” means – it’s not a word we ever use around the house, but he clearly understands that it is meant to be hurtful.

I suppose that I knew that eventually our kids were going to run into this at some point, but I was caught completely off guard by it last night. I thought that this sort of thing would start much later in life.

I feel helpless at not being able to protect him from this. Moreover, I just feel heartbroken that my son’s world is no longer unblemished by people that are mean.

As time passes, I’m sure he’ll just begin to realize that people like the mean kids exist, and that we all have to tolerate them during our stay on this earth. In a couple of years, he’ll be a ‘big kid’ himself, and I hope that he doesn’t do and say things that make the little ones sad. But we learn from our environment, don’t we?

Callum knows to say things like “don’t say that, that hurts my feelings” – but when the big kids just laugh, and call him a baby while he cries from frustration and sadness, it doesn’t help.

As Callum learns what it’s like to be a little boy, I am learning what it is to be a parent, and just how hard it can be to watch harm come your child’s way.

I know it’s the way of the world, but it just sucks.

Callum, you’re not a loser.


Lucas Walker Jones

Here is the latest member of the Jones family, baby Lucas Walker. Son # 2.

Wow… long time, no posts

i can’t believe how long it has been since i’ve taken the time to update this area.

the year has been flying by.

callum turned one year old in october, and you can read all about our family activities here:

as for the music world, fear not. the fifth album is feverishly being worked on, and i expect to have it completed by christmas.

the working title is ‘micro’, and i’m very happy with the content. final editing is the hardest for me. i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again – when is ok to sit back and say ‘there…. now it’s finished’ ?

at any rate, work is progressing, and i’m dealing with the artwork details, liner notes, credits, etc as well as trying to polish off the tracks musically and taking care of mastering….

keep your fingers crossed, and i’ll hopefully be posting a little more often in the near future.

all the best


Say ‘hi’ to Callum Owen Jones

 Callum 1

Well, he made it! It was an arduous process, but the little guy finally decided to poke his head into this relatively cold world and see what all the fuss is about.

It was quite a difficult time for my wife Shona, but at the end of the day, it was all worth it.

This kid has great rythm, and even better lungs. I have written a song called Callum’s Arrival, and I’ll share it with you as soon as it’s edited. Like Callum, the song really kicks!



Momma Jonesy is getting big!

It’s been a long time since no posts, but that is not to say that nothing has been happening in the Jonestown.

First off, Momma Jonesy is now only 4 weeks away from the due date. You can check out her tummy progression here:

I’m starting to get a little crazy with anticipation.

My buddy Tony painted this picture based on an early ultrasound pic that we had. He is a very talented artist. You can (and should) check out his art here:

Micro Painting


He is very talented, and has done a lot of great work around Vancouver. You can also see a bunch of his recent works on display at The Five Point bar on Main St, corner 16th ave.

Regarding music stuff, I’m please to announce that we have finally settled into our new house, and the studio construction is more or less complete. New room, new sounds. I’m still sorting out a lot of the gear, and getting it set up just right, but for the most part, we’re up and running again in the new and improved Jonestown.

New music is on the way, and new tracks for the latest (fifth) album are in development. Still too early to say when the release will be, but I’ll let you all know.

Take care everyone.



Micro Jones is On the Way!

I just realized that I haven’t share the exciting news here: Chez Jonesy and Shona Jones are going to be bringing a baby into this world.

Here’s a pic of the little one at 12 weeks.

 Micro Jones at 12 Weeks


Until we figure out whether it’s a boy or a girl, we are calling it MICRO Jones. Obviously, I’m more happy with this name than Shona, but she’s being a good sport. We’ve decided not to learn the sex of the baby, and wait until the actual birth day until the surprise is revealed.

 Also, Shona has put together a blog where you can follow all of the Jones family developments.




In Montreal

sheepi’ve been in montreal for the last little while on vacation, catching up with old friends and family. i still maintain that montreal is one of the greatest cities in the world, and i’m reminded of this fact each time i return. in one of my tours through the music shops, i picked up dj shadow’s new album – i like, i like. i recommend that you go pick it up if you’re into that sort of thing, ’cause he done good. i’m going ot see him on friday night at the metropolis club here in montreal. i’m hoping that it will be a good show. i’ll let you know.

ps this is a picture of some of my friends back home.