Tradewinds Update – Patchword.mp3


hi kids.

i’m pleased to announce that we have a new tradewinds song for your listening pleasure available in the “tradewinds” section.

the name of the track is PATCHWORK, and was written by max floatation and chez jonesy in the darkest corners of our respective studios. again, the concept of tradewinds starts with a seed track that is bounced back and forth between contributors until a final product is arrived at. in the case of PATCHWORK, there were about five back and forths.

we’re both really happy with how it turned out, and hope that you enjoy it too.

keep making music


so many pretty little things

max floatation and i have been working together on a new project that i thought i’d share with you here.

actually, this is a collaboration between ‘the cheapest option’ and chez. check out the cheapest option stuff on new music canada here.

in any case, the concept is fairly straight forward. one person records a simple one instrument song, and emails it to the other. then that person adds a track and emails it back. back and forth it goes until the song is determined to be done (this is the hard part).

have a listen to the first of what will be many such experimental tracks. it’s called so many pretty little things.

let us know what you think.