Wow… long time, no posts

i can’t believe how long it has been since i’ve taken the time to update this area.

the year has been flying by.

callum turned one year old in october, and you can read all about our family activities here:

as for the music world, fear not. the fifth album is feverishly being worked on, and i expect to have it completed by christmas.

the working title is ‘micro’, and i’m very happy with the content. final editing is the hardest for me. i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again – when is ok to sit back and say ‘there…. now it’s finished’ ?

at any rate, work is progressing, and i’m dealing with the artwork details, liner notes, credits, etc as well as trying to polish off the tracks musically and taking care of mastering….

keep your fingers crossed, and i’ll hopefully be posting a little more often in the near future.

all the best


Sorry for the lack of updates….. :-(

Things have been very hectic since the arrival of our son Callum.

He is doing great, but music production has taken a slight hit.

That is not to say that things have stopped altogether.

Work on the new album is coming along nicely, and there are a few cool tracks in the works. I’m hoping that an album can be wrapped up by Christmas, but more on that later.

Lastly, here’s a little pic of young Callum at three months and change. We have inserted a picture of one of the original Wizard of Oz munchkins into the picture, as we believe that we have at last found Callum’s real father.

Keep making music!


Callum Munchkin

welcome to the new face of updates at chez jonesy

as you can see, there’s a new section in town, and that sHPIM3543.JPGection is ‘news and updates’

why, you may ask, for the change? simple. or simpler, that is. it is much simpler for updates to be made in the ‘blog’ style, and more convenient for fans and visitors to check them out. it’s all in the name of the  listener, you see.

it’s been a while coming, and i’m sorry for the lack of updates for the last several months, but rest assured, things are still very much happening in jonestown.

for now, let it suffice to say that there are some more updates coming. in the mean time, i’ll let you get used to the new format.

as always, keep those comments coming.