Very good bass solo cover of Daft Punk’s “Up all Night to Get Lucky”

His name is Jim Bennet, and he’s from BC. I understand that he just won a tough 3-month battle in the hospital with a disease of the pancreas.

Great job, Jim.

Make more music.





Madeon – cool stuff

if you haven’t already seen/heard this, it’s definitely worth a look. he calls it POP CULTURE, and he has spliced together a whole whack load of songs to make it (39 to be exact).


and as if that wasn’t crazy enough, this guy went and spliced together all of the video clips from the songs madeon is looping together:


enjoy, and make more music.






Went to the Tragically Hip show on Monday at the Commodore…



Wow. Great show. My buddy Stevie hooked us up with vip passes, and we were treated to a great show, after show meet and greets, and a booze fest in Yaletown that would make May West blush. We even got Gord Sinclaire to slap on a Warthogs t-shirt for posterity (that’s my hockey team…). There are more pictures, but these are a good start!




dj shadow – great show

In Montreal

sheepi’ve been in montreal for the last little while on vacation, catching up with old friends and family. i still maintain that montreal is one of the greatest cities in the world, and i’m reminded of this fact each time i return. in one of my tours through the music shops, i picked up dj shadow’s new album – i like, i like. i recommend that you go pick it up if you’re into that sort of thing, ’cause he done good. i’m going ot see him on friday night at the metropolis club here in montreal. i’m hoping that it will be a good show. i’ll let you know.

ps this is a picture of some of my friends back home.