big in china

it’s 12:30 am on a friday, and i’ve never felt so ‘skitzofrenic’ about this album

terrible spelling, i know, but leave it for now please

i don’t know if i want this record to be more trancy or more rootsy.

more dancy or more ambient.

the more time i spend on this (and i’ve spent a lot) the less direction i seem to be able to muster

i’m fucked.

sorry, but that’s all i have to say about that right now.


ps – i have a lot of good stuff, i just don’t have a clue how to piece it all together for Big in China

pps – i know i’ll feel better about this in the morning

No Posts….

Jeesh. Long time since I’ve gotten off my butt to post anything here. Life has been busy with two little boys. Callum is nearly 3 y/o, and Lucas is 6 months now.
Have no fear, faithful listeners. The lack of posting activity does not reflect the activity in the studio. I have been busy recording and experimenting per usual, and am hoping to have my next album wrapped up by Christmas. This deadline seems very ambitious right now, as there is a lot of material to sift through, and a boat load of editing ahead of me. I am close to finalizing the title, and have started created the song list.

As I said, there’s still a lot of work to do!

More music.