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who is chez jonesy?

chez jonesy (aka colin jones) was born in montreal, quebec, canada in 1973.

music has been a part of my life for as long as i can remember. we always had music playing around the house growing up. we had piano lessons, an old drum kit that we would beat up on, a bunch of old keyboards to make noises with, and parents that were sympathetic and patient.

back in 1998, a friend of mine gave me an old accoustic guitar, and i started to teach myself how to play. from there. i started buying little gadgets, boxes, and doo dads that i could use to record myself.

after a lot of tweaking, we slowly built a recording system that produces some pretty good quality sounds.

i suppose that my musical goals are pretty vast. if i could do music as a full-time career, i would. but as it stands now, i subsidize my passion with a quote-unquote real job that i also love.

the music i make is fundamentally pleasing to me. selfishly, i enjoy driving around and listening to my own tunes. i am truly thrilled when people tell me that they had a good experience while listening to a chez jonesy track.

i guess that's what it's all about for me... making music that i like, and hopefully, that other people like too.

i'll add more here as it occurs to me...