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also known as baked tunes, this has been one of the most important developmental experiences i have participated in. the concept of baked tunes began several years ago when i first started recording myself. with nothing more than a cheap 'stick' style microphone sitting on my coffee table plugged into a desktop pc, i played guitar and sang songs from tabs i'd downloaded from the internet.

after some time, i began recording with friends, documenting our mini jam sessions. the concept of baked tunes stemmed from some of the substances that may have influenced the creative state of the participants.

as time has passed by, the jams have taken on a life of their own. anyone is invited, and no predetermined sound is selected. beats, licks, conversations, clips, voices, and noises. anything that contributes to the sound is allowed.

some of the results of the moon tune sessions are (and will be) posted in mp3 format for your downloading pleasure. as you will learn, these soundscapes can be very interesting, and i think, musically quite unique.

at their best, we can describe them as experimental reminders of our musical growth along a timeline that has no real milestones.

as the quality of talent and equipment has improved, the jams have changed correspondingly.

please enjoy.

oh, and by the way, if you ever want to jam sometime, just drop me a line.

History of Moon Tunes