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the impossible machine
these guys are a great band who i've known for a long time and have jammed with for countless hours. check out their site, and better yet, get out to see one of their shows.
this is a great bc site dedicated to sharing ideas and musical projects. lot's of great networking opportunities here, and a good way to here some of the stuff that other local artists are doing. definitely worth checking out.
check out my page on New Music Canada. have a look around, and have a listen to other great local and national talent posting stuff up there. a great way to get your music heard. (make sure you have RealPlayer installed or you won't hear anythin)
take a look a this site.... really great idea. the guy who put the site together is trying to put people who want to jam in contact with each other.... also has a link to a neat concept called ninjam ... a must see.