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happy new year, all. sorry it's been a while since the last update, but it's not because we haven't been busy in the last couple of months... quite the opposite. i'm happy to report that another five original tracks have been developed, and are each viable contendors for a spot on the upcoming Scorpio album, scheduled for release this spring. in fact, we have something of a problem here... there are now 33 (yes, thirty-three) tracks vying for spots on the album. of course, they can't all make it. what's more, less than half of them are what i'd call 'finished'. not a bad problem to have, come to think of it, but there's still lot's of work to be done. the 'planning session' track was shortened somewhat, and tweaked a little with some more pace... i think what was kept is even stronger.... have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

before christmas, we had johnny and andrew over for a great moon tunes session full of ambient drones, synthesized screams, and neato mosquito jams. go check out the moon tunes section to have a listen one of the tracks we recorded that night from the recordings. there was some pretty interesting stuff there.

i am happy to report that max floatation paid jonestown studios a visit from victoria last week, and we recorded some pretty fantastic stuff. again, you can listen to the audio in the moon tunes section. i am always amazed at the amount of noise that two people can compile in just one take. as ever, the soundscapes are a little eclectic, but quite listenable with some moments of absolute wonder. we'd love to hear your comments. go check it out.

there's also a track i threw into the moon tunes section that i recorded solo (once in a while, i'll do a solo moon tune). i called it 'termite lullaby' (thanks shona-awesome title).it's an eight minute exercise in ambient experimentation that i really liked. one take. one person. fun stuff.

finally, here's a preliminary version of one the tracks in contention for the upcoming album - it's called 'Separation Anxiety' - take a listen, and send me your feedback. as always, it means a lot to me. chez.
here's to another happy march...

i saw a really great band play back on feb 17th that i wanted to share with you. the guys name is harmish thomson, and his band/project is called The Hermit (check it out at he's got a great live show involving nice drumming that he plays on a traditional kit, awesome sounding synth scapes, a nice groovy bass player that never missed a beat, and a female vocalist who plays guitars and has a voice reminicent of portishead. check them out if you have a chance.
Sep 13th, 2005
This week has been pretty productive... Spent a fair amount of time on a cool track for the next album. The working title of the album is 'Scorpio'. I think it sounds kind of dark and mysterious, but i like it all the same. The track i've been working on is called 'the death of me', and jumps all over the place.... starts off slow, then pounds some serious hits into your eardrums. hard to say what the final product will sound like, but i'll keep you posted. Also, i thought i'd try to get an image gallery going so that you die hard fans can really get your fix... :-) At any rate, there are bound to be some cool pics that find their way inside, so stay tuned.


Sep 25th, 2005
lot's of things going on in Jonestown lately. we've got the albums up and streaming now, so check it out. just go to the albums page, and click a "stream" button. there's a different one for each album. i think we'll put a playlist together that is a random mix of all the tunes for the next update...

last update, i told you about a new track called 'the death of me' that i was working on. i made a preliminary mp3 for you to listen to. send me some feedback... it's still very much a work in progress, but i like the way that it is going (the end isn't even started, so don't get excited).

also got a new one called 'tack switch' that sounds cool. all in all, we've got more than 20 tracks underway... the tough part is deciding which ones make the cut.

in the next little while, we're going to try to get Paypal set up for ordering copies of the albums. they'll be cheap, and of course you can always down load them for free, but i know lot's of people like to have a cd to put in their hot little hands, so this is for them.

in the Moon Tunes section, added the first mp3 for public listening ever. go check it out here. scroll down to the bottom of the page. it's pretty crazy, and has some great parts and some ok parts, but the overall experience is cool. remember, as with all Moon Tunes, this recording was done in one take, all live. this session involved two artists: max floatation, a long time friend and experimental music legend, and myself. enjoy.

lastly, thanks to everyone who's been sending me feedback, advice, and hate mail. keep it coming.

Oct 10, 2005
great rainy long weekend for sitting indoors and recording some tunes. been very busy lately putting new material together, and have lots of new sounds and ideas that will be finding their way onto the next ablum. at this point, the working title has been tweaked to HELLO SCORPIO.

i'm really excited about a track that came together this weekend called PLANNING SESSION. have a listen to it by clicking here. send me an email and let me know how you like.

also, i've put another moon tune up for you fans of the genre. there are literally hundreds of hours of recorded jams going back over the years. they will be posted gradually as the site grows, but the tracks will only be posted in their original forms without editing. them's the rules. go to the moon tunes page to check out the new one.(or click here)

happy thanksgiving everyone.

February 10, 2006
Oct 29, 2005
well, it's nearly halloween, and time for another update. we've got a few more tracks in development that will certainly make their way onto the upcoming Hello Scorpio album. the sounds we've been playing with over the last few weeks are a little more beat driven, with some definite dance potential. another track is quite passive (probabally a subconscience push back against all this dancy madness...) i'll post a track or two as they near completion.

i am very pleased to announce that the beloved max floatation joined me for a farewell recording session. you see, max is moving to victoria, bc. the problem with this move is that it makes jamming together rather difficult. in an attempt to mitigate the loss associated with this transferance of talent to the island, we decided to get together for a recording session.i am happy to share three mp3's from this session with all of you. they are posted on the Moon Tunes page... click here to have a listen.

i've set up a new page on the chez jonesy site - it's forum where we can have discussions, share ideas, set up jam sessions, and any other kind of idea sharing we come up with. go and visit it here, (or click on the FORUM link in the menu bar on the left) and let me know what you think.

thanks again for all of the feedback that i've received. it means a lot to me, so keep it coming.

hope you all had a great weekend.

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